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Desert Custom Private Tours in Sedona Arizona The Sedona area is one of such profound beauty that it could have easily become one of our most spectacular National Parks.  Sedona rivals the famous Grand Canyon as Arizona’s second most popular tourist attraction.  Sedona is distinguished by its many scenic and cultural features throughout this “Red Rock Country”. Most of its appeal is attributed to its unique and scenic geology.  For more information on the Red Rock Country, go to the Red Rock State Park.

The Sedona area was first discovered by the movie industry in 1923 when Victor Fleming filmed The Call of the Canyon, a black and white silent movie adapted from Zane Grey’s novel.  The movie was actually filmed in Oak Creek Canyon at the confluence of West Fork and Oak Creek, at a site that was to become a popular early resort.

Sedona was founded in 1902, ten years before Arizona became a state when President William Howard Taft was president.  Sedona is named after the wife of one of the early settlers, T. C. Schnebly.  The original names suggested for the settlement were Oak Creek Crossing and Schnebly Station, which were both rejected by the postmaster because they were too long to fit on a cancellation stamp.  One name that did stick is Schnebly Hill Road, one of the most scenic backcountry drives in the area.  At the time, this whole red rock country was wild, remote and virtually unknown.  It is now one of the most scenic destinations in the Southwest.

Just to the north of Sedona is the Mogollon Rim, which is so large that it is easily observed as a major landscape feature from the space station.  An overlook high above the floor of Oak Creek Canyon offers spectacular distant views.  Arizona’s famous Oak Creek meanders through this scenic canyon, creating a diverse riparian habitat abounding with plants and wildlife.  Oak Creek is an appealing destination for campers and fly fishermen with its’ fresh springs of gushing water.

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Videos About Sedona

Original “IMAX” movie,Sedona, The Spirit of Wonder

Four minutes of clips fromAerial Sedona

Dining & Recreational Opportunities

Sedona is well known for its international cuisine.  Award winning chefs and innovative menus are featured in many of the over 70 dining establishments, offering something to meet every taste.

Sedona’s world-class resorts offer a broad spectrum of recreational opportunities that include health spas, golf, tennis racquetball, swimming, and restaurants, all nestled under spectacular scenery.

Parks, Indian Ruins & National Monuments

The area around Sedona offers a number of State Parks, Indian Ruins, and National Monuments.  Slide Rock State Park is a popular stop where a natural slippery water slide has been carved into the rust colored solid sandstone floor of the river.  Visitors may slide down the slick natural water chute or wade and sun along the creek.

The swim area is located on National Forest land that is jointly managed by Arizona State Parks and the U.S. Forest Service.  This location also has one of the most breathtaking views of the multicolored canyon walls.  In season, there are fresh apples and other fruit from the trees located on this Arizona State Park land. 

This area has seen the making of many Hollywood movies such as “Broken Arrow” (1950) with James Stewart, “Drum Beat” (1954) with Alan Ladd and Charles Bronson, “Gun Fury” (1953) with Rock Hudson and Donna Reed, and a scene from “Angel and the Badman” (1946) with John Wayne.  You can read more about this state park at Slide Rock State Park.

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