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Top 3 Shady Summer Hikes in Sedona

Huckaby Trailhead at Schnebly Hill

The summer months in Sedona are marked with clear blue skies that stand in contrast to the vibrant Red Rocks. While the temperatures are climbing, Sedona is a perfect summer escape offering a picturesque scenery as well as cool spots along Oak Creek. We have compiled our top three summer hikes in Sedona that offer a great outdoor experience in addition to shade from the Arizona sun.

Oak Creek Shady Summer Hikes SedonaHuckaby Trail

The Huckaby Trail is one of our favorite shady summer hikes to recommend. It offers picturesque views from the trailhead at Schnebly Hill all the way down to Oak Creek. Alternatively, you can start hiking from Midgely Bridge and make your way to Sedona. The trail offers shaded areas along the creek to rest under riparian trees. Overall, a round trip of 5.2 miles will take you about 2.5 hours. Because of a 500ft elevation change, the Huckaby Trail is considered moderate. The Schnebly Hill trailhead has a parking space for which a Red Rock Pass is required.

West Fork Trail

West Fork is one of the most popular hiking trails in Oak Creek Canyon. Because it gets quite busy during the summer months, we recommend hiking it early in the morning. A Red Rock Pass is required to park in the designated parking area. From there you will stroll along the towering Red Rock cliffs as well as the gurgling creek. Bring an extra pair of socks, as you will have to rock-hop across the creek a few times. The trail is easy to moderate and will take about 3.5 hours for a roundtrip of 6.4 miles. After the first three miles, more advanced hikers may choose to continue their journey into the Secret Mountain wilderness.

Boynton Canyon

The Boynton Vista Trail is a relatively short hike. Yet, after a moderate slope up to Boynton Spires you will be rewarded with a breathtaking Red Rock view. Furthermore, Boynton Canyon is known to be one of the prominent electromagnetic vortex sites in Sedona. The elevation change of this moderate hike is about 650ft and will take you roughly 3 hours for a roundtrip (3.5 miles).

Enjoy your shady summer hikes in Sedona and always remember to drink lots of water when exploring the beautiful Red Rock country.


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